FormLoom 3 Countries List

For FormLoom 1 and FormLoom 2, there were lists of countries we could easily import into the counties pop-up field. As of FormLoom 3, no such list seems to exist. The previous countries list that was compatible with FormLoom 1 and 2 does not seem to be compatible with FormLoom 3. The developer says he doesn’t have any, and I am not about to create one myself manually.

Does ANY FormLoom 3 user out there know of any countries list in a format that can be easily imported into a pop-up field, something that EVERYONE and his mother all over the world has, but we, Rapidweaver users don’t have?

Myself and Ed Brenner made some available several years ago for free. We had some like US states, Canadian provinces, UK counties, EU countries, countries of the world, international telephone dialling codes, currencies and several others covering various things. But I cannot remember what happened to them. I could try checking my old eMac at my parents house at the weekend to see if I can find them on there. If I can find them, they might require a bit of updating - things like changing Burma to Myanmer!

What format of data does FormLoom accept nowadays? I admit it is not a plugin I own or use. If it is JSON or CSV, you might be able to find this data in the correct format, freely available to download. Something like this:


Well, this is the problem. I have no idea of what the exact format is. I only know the old lists are not compatible with the new version of Formloom (3).

Might be best to contact the developer direct. Ask politely whether this is something they still support and what desired format is required. Even as raw HTML, there is various data freely available to download and use to quickly populate select menus:


Well, Mike said he did not have any (lists), but it’s worth a try to ask him about the format. Thanks, Will.

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