Formloom 4.0.14 & Formsnap 3 Crash

Hi there,

Experiencing issues uploading a project with a FormLoom page as I have done many times before…

The version of FormLoom is 4.0.14 (539) and the version of stacks is 4.2.2 and version of Rapidweaver is Version 8.9.3 (20888).

It seems to get to the final 20 or so items to publish and crashes the upload. I have isolated this issue down to solely the Formloom plugin page type as marking that as a draft so that it is not included in the publishing list causes a successful upload…

Rather annoying… I have gone back to previous projects that I have used FormLoom with and this is also occurring for what was a working project file.

Anyone else having similar issues?

Tagging @yabdab for any developer input

Here is a link to properly submit support requests.

Hi All,

So in response to my ticket I have received -

Plugins have little control on publishing files.

This is something that is completely handled by RapidWeaver.

Others have reported that a file in the plugin’s payload is what causes RapidWeaver to choke on publish.

Please contact RealMac and see if they have any idea why RapidWeaver is failing to publish.

@dan - any clues why this might be happening?

The strange occurrence also happens with FormSnap which doesn’t appear to be a plugin its just a stack…

Have you tried deleting and re-adding the FormLoom page? (Annoying I know but it might help narrow down the issue).

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