Formloom 4 Captcha help

Hi There I am using

RW8 latest
Formloom 4
Aspen Theme

I have just replaced the built-in RW contact page with the above and I have to say that the flexibility it provides is very welcome.

However there is one question that I can not seem to find in the documentation (which is unusually well written by the way)

Question, In the captcha form, under Value choices I have entered Checkbox and left it ‘unchecked’ I am assuming that means that anyone sending an email needs to click and check the box for their message to be submitted???

However I have not entered anything in ‘option value’. is this important and if so what info does it require?

The Captcha file should look like this on your form …

There are no checkboxes, choices or values needed.

What is the URL to your form so we can see it?

Many thanks for your help link is as below

Also I am getting multiple error messages sent by email again as shown below, I have since re-uploaded the form.

FormLoom Notification:

Page: Redirect Notice

Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2019 22:52:26 +0100

**Error: **


– CSRF Token Verification Failed

– Reply-To Item “item_2” has a value of “” which is an invalid email format.<br>This usually happens when you assign the incorrect Item Name to the Reply-To Item setting.

I switched off send receipt thinking that might stop the error messages, but it didn’t.

@rapidbernardos58 Please use our support desk. Thanx

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