Formloom 4 Date PIcker display in Edge

Client advises that in Microsoft Edge (sorry don’t know which version), the DatePicker in Formloom 4 doesn’t display all 7 days across the top - Saturday drops down to the next line throwing things out - see below: Can’t replicate this on any Mac browser. Any ideas? @yabdab

That’s really weird. It has columns for 6 days a week (not the 8 Days a Week of the Beatles song). Given their respective track records, I’d say that’s a bug in Edge rather than Formloom!

OK - I’ll phone up Bill Gates and ask him to take a look :slight_smile: Is he still in Tec Support?

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For what it’s worth, I can replicate it on Edge, though it does work on IE and the new Edge beta.

Please send it support request to along with details and URL.


Not sure about @manofdogz but I was going off of your demo

@jabostick How do the date pickers look on Formsnap 3 demo?

One of them works properly, the others have the same issue…

If it’s helpful, my version at my work computer (Windows 10) here is: Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1098.0

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