Datesnap not rendering in IE11 but works great on all others

(Nate Eckley) #1

Can someone look at this and tell me why Datesnap isnt rendering properly? The site in mention is It works great on all browsers but IE11 and previous. On the home page their should be a map and a calendar at the bottom. Also if you go to event booking page at the top there should be a calendar on there next to the form.

Thank you all!


(Jason Bostick) #2

You have javascript errors showign up in IE11 as well as a Google API warning. The errors actually show up in Chrome for me as well, but Chrome is obviously dealing with them better than IE.

Unfortunately, I don’t know who to troubleshoot them but I’d connect with Yabdab and/or your theme developer.

(Doug Bennett) #3

Most of the errors you’re getting are from mapsnap. Are you using the latest versions from @yabdab ? Datesnap looks like it has debug console log messages in it.

I don’t have any IE’s running right now but your getting console messages in Chrome

All errors appear to be in mapsnap, might want to pull the map out and see if the datesnap is OK.

(Yabdab) #4

This issue was resolved by upgrading to current version Datesnap.