FormLoom 4 error sending multiple times

Hi all, hope you are all well and safe.

I am having an issue on multiple sites and the Formloom 4 plugin and stack. @yabdab

The form is appearing perfectly and a person can fill in the fields fine…hit the send button and you get the following error message.

It says that “0 message was sent.” But the message is actually sent and is received to the recipient email addresses setup in the Recipients section of the Formloom stack page. We have 2 recipient email addresses in the Recipients section and both receive the email form.

I have checked to ensure the email addresses are correct and yes obviously they are as we are receiving the forms.

I have tested with the “Reply using From Email & Name” ticked and unticked and same error message.

This is a relatively recent issue, just in the last week or two and is occurring on at least 5 of my clients websites. Previously all were working fine, I’m not sure if Formloom4 has had an update recently?

All my clients use different email servers, some on Gmail, some on private servers, some using their own, so nothing in common there…only thing in common is Formloom4.

Any suggestions please.

Thanks Scott

Could it perhaps be that FormLoom is sending; and is not expecting two addresses in the way you have entered them? Do you get the same error if you remove first one, then the other recipient addresses?

@scottjf Please use our help desk to get assistance on this. Make sure yo include the URL to the form(s). Thanks.

@MarkSealey Multiple To, Cc and Bcc recipients are supported.

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Hi Mike,
I have sent a ticket to your help desk.
Hope you can please help with this issue.
Cheers Scott

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