Formloom 4 is Here!

(Gavin Dudeney) #21

Cheers - got it all working, post to database, receipts and everything and it’s a great bit of kit. I have one final issue and that is that form fields are exceeding the width on mobile - they go off the right-hand side on my iPhone 7 Plus. Example here:

(Gavin Dudeney) #22

Another small thing which is not quite right: the menu item at the top of all my pages (select Training then CertICT) should take me directly to the top of the page, but it takes me halfway down the page, more less where the FormLoom form is embedded.

(Peter Danckwerts) #23

Formloom 4 is really great. I ran into a minor problem and found Mike at YabDab very helpful, as usual. I’m building a booking form with it and the rules feature allows me to show fields only for the required number of guests, making everything much neater. I can also use it to display the total cost with a bit of fudging.

(Yabdab) #24

@dudeneyge Please save all individual support cases for our support desk.

Please visit to submit your issue with as many details as possible.

Thank you :grin:

(David Freels) #25

@yabdab Are you having a Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday sale this year?


(Yabdab) #26

@davidfreels even if we did, Formloom 4 would not be included.

(Peter Danckwerts) #27

@yabdab Why should it be? It’s good value and it’s only just come out.

(David Freels) #28

You did have one last year, which I really appreciated. No doubt hundreds of others did as well. I was just wondering if you were doing the same this year too. Thank you again for last year’s sale.

(Yabdab) #29

Ok, you asked for it and here it is… 2018 50% Off Holiday Sale!

Use Promo Code HOLIDAY18 to get 50% off all* our products!

*Sales does not include Formloom 4 , which was released last week.

(George Peacock) #30

Is anyone else having issues with the upgrade form Formloom 3 to 4.
I have a Foundations Theme3d site that we were happily using FL3 on. However post the upgrade its gone all over the place.

We had the forms themselves publishing with a big notice saying they were unregistered (which they were - even said so on the stack). The fonts and sizing have all changed and we cant seem to get them back to where they were.

I am concerned because FL4 has overwritten FL3 and if we open other sites we have built and used FL3 on I am worried they will also break. Is there something I might be missing. Or do we have to accept that we have to start from scratch agin and bin all our old FL3 forms?

Is it just me or are others having issues too?


(Chris Potter) #31

This is such a cool form builder and so much more and the updates!!! SOOOOOOOO cool. My clients love the new updates i did to their sites with this plugin

(Yabdab) #32

@georgep Most folks that have issues choose to contact our support department instead of coming here on the forums. Most cases are easily resolved when given the exact details of the issue. I just checked and do not see a support ticket from you?

(George Peacock) #33

I am working on basis that it may well be me that is at issue here.
Also I do have a ticket 27161. But not necessarily assuming your software is at fault.

Re my post. To confirm - after a forced RW reboot etc and publishing a few times the registration issue seems to have gone away on the site I am testing. Our form layouts have changed seems it happened in the upgrade process and the style facility is not updating, nor are the forms sending emails (settings remain unaltered from FL3).

I have not seen anyone else advising of issues on upgrade so it probably is me. Hence the shout-out to the community to see if I may have missed anything or if perhaps my expectations are misaligned.

I really liked Formloom3 and certainly don’t want others in the community to think I have issues with your support etc. Formloom 4 also looks very promising my issues aside.

If I have got this wrong please advise, but am I right in thinking that after upgrading to Formloom4, on opening a site and doing some edits (not Formloom related). The forms already there that were set up with Formloom 3 should work as normal? Our use-case was, we opened the site in RW to add some content unrelated to Formloom, and then after publishing noticed the forms had changed as advised above. They also now won’t send emails with the settings we used to have in Formloom3.

We don’t seem to have any Formloom 3 pages anymore they all got automatically upgraded. However, does this mean they should all just work as before or are there things I should watch out for? I have around 20 sites with Formloom3 on them and it would be great if we did not have to worry that if we open them in RW then the forms might break.

Happy to engage directly on your Support channel but hope this puts my note in context for others. If anyone can suggest something I may have missed please advise.

Best. George

(Jimmy Rodgers) #34

Yes please! Formsnap! That is the way to go. Its all about stacks, baby! Gives us maximum flexibility.

(Sefa Pekelli) #35

I also had the problem after the update from 3 to 4 that it no longer sent emails and the logo did not appear.
Short drawn a ticket, “Mike” answered super fast. It was due to the publishing settings of RapidWeaver, where probably the update from 7 to 8 was not taken over. The http: // www. Address was erased after Mike’s reference re-entered the address and all FormLoom 4 forms worked again. The colors set by me in ver. 3 were unfortunately not taken in ver. 4 with. Well then some work at about 160 forms but now everything is fine. It would be worth considering for the future, if it is not possible to drag the logo into another stack and all other forms will automatically take over :slight_smile:

(LJ) #36

Superb upgrade both in terms of functionality and the quite exceptional new UI. So often UI changes seem to be done for the sake of change - this one is immediately more intuitive - even though I was happy with the previous one.

Couple of upgrade issues in regard to existing FL3 forms. 1) Don’t forget to upgrade the helper stack if using one - if you don’t, only the first couple of fields will appear on published site. 2) my upgraded forms fail to send unless I switch on the ‘debug’ option which i’m sure isn’t normal. I have raised a ticket but wondering if anyone else has noticed this issue. Not had time to check on all our sites yet and also haven’t tested on a new FL4 form built from scratch so don’t know if it is an isolated issue.

(George Peacock) #37

I had issues also on the upgrade with forms not sending etc. Support was certainly fast and that was appreciated. So echoing previous posts on that point.

Do wonder though if it might have been better if we could have run Fl4 in tandem with Fl3 so we could rely on existing forms all working. Maybe this was not possible, but it would have made Fl4 more viable for us if it was.
Don’t want to have to test forms after editing a site for something else just incase the upgrade did not work as expected.
Right now I have gone back to FL3 to ensure working compatibility. But do wish the product every success. The feature set looks great.

(Yabdab) #38

For every person that wants FL3 and FL4 be installed at same time, I will have twice as many mad at me because they have to recreate their forms. :upside_down_face:

Having said that, most folks are having success upgrading their forms from 3 to 4 by Republishing All Files. Most issues are coming from incomplete publishing by RapidWeaver.

So if you have any issues, make sure you clear out all the old FL3 files on your server and republish. :+1:

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