Formloom 4 Poll - Backwards compatible?

(Scott Frankel) #21

Hi, great to hear a new version is on its way. I really like FormLoom3 and have used it almost exclusively but now I’m using Foundry more and more and find it difficult to get the FormLoom plugin themed like the rest of my site.

I would like to see it work more like a stack.

I have the Bookings stack from Yuzool which is great too but it doesn’t really have any extra form options except name, email and date info.

Now if there was a stack that was basically a combination of the Booking stack and FormLoom then we would have a very powerful tool to take info and also bookings at the same time.

I use FormLoom 3 plugin and really like it but am not sure about using it with Foundry. I’ve always used it with fully built themes and now that I’m getting into Foundry I find it difficult to theme properly.

On the FormLoom 3 inspector it has a tick box “no theme - use FormLoom3 stack” but how do I use that?

On the Yabdab website there is only the FormSnap stack no FormLoom3 stack?? Sadly the help info is not very detailed and there doesn’t seem to be a video tutorial for the FormLoom3 Stack, yes for FormSnap and FormLoom Plugin but not the FormLoom3 Stack.

I have other form stacks but really like the flexibility offered in FormLoom3 except that it is a plugin rather than a stack.

Any suggestions and advise would be appreciated.


(Stuart Marshall) #22

There is no point in asking the same question in 2 different threads. I’ve answered the other thread.

(Scott Frankel) #23

Hi Stuart,

Many thanks for the quick response, I’ll have a look at the other thread, it was quiet an old thread so wasn’t sure if it would appear and then came across this thread regarding FormLoom 4.

I think FL4 should have as much of any new things you can put in, yes backwards compatible is great but not at the expense of new great things…just look at the mess Windows is in trying to make everything backwards compatible.

Love your work and great to hear new things are on the way…I was worried as the FormLoom help page looked like it hadn’t been updated in a while.

Cheers Scott

(LJ) #24

Definitely break stuff and new hotness. However, we need both 3 and 4 to be alongside each other. As far as hotness…any chance of combining payment options?

(Juerg) #25

Deliver new functionswith FL4 (e.g. logic) , have FL3 still process “old” forms and allow the use of both side by side :sunglasses:

(Yabdab) #26

Thanks for all the feedback. The decision has been made.

Formloom 4 will backward-compatible with Formloom 3.

We will offer a new completely separate Form based solution after FL4 is released.


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