Formloom 4 upgrade need 10.12

I upgraded to Formloom 4 yesterday and afterwards everytime I opened a project file with Formloom in it, Rapidweaver failed.
I now learn in a support email that Formloom 4 requires OS 10.12 unlike RW8.
I run OS 10.11 on 2 machines to keep my oldest one useful.
Hopefully I can get back to Formloom 3…

Hmmm not sure how much clearer Yabdab are supposed to make it:


Do you still have your original download of Formloom 3 and the the activation information? Just uninstall 4 and re-install 3. I’d be surprised if there were any issues with that.


i posted this because the need for 10.12 is not at all clear.

If you go through the buy link as i did on the article launching it here on the forum, there is no warning that it needs 10.12 as it goes straight to the cartloom checkout. This marketing email received this morning does the same!

As for reinstalling form loom 3 although i have the licence, there is nowhere to download a new copy of F3 and am waiting for Mike’s support on that.
I had saved a copy of the installed Formloom 3 prior to upgrade but after deleting the Formloom 4 plugin and adding back in the Formloom 3 plugin it still does not work and causes RW to crash.

This plug in seems much less easy to work with than most, just FYI I have been using RW since RW version 3 thats not far off a decade.

In my opinion the fact that F4 uses OS 10.12 should be made much clearer.

I don’t know if you have tried this;

  • At the bottom of every page on yabdab website there’s an order lookup
  • Enter the email address you used to purchase Formloom 3
  • Select order history
  • The order history email you receive should have a download link

I would suggest in the future you may want to take more care in purchasing any software if you going to continue to run a older OSX release. You’re going to continue to run into compatibility issues.

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Hi teefers,

as explained I am waiting Yab dab support

  1. your explanation is true of all cartloom sites, I already done as you explained , however after receiving the order email and trying to redownload Formloom 3 , i get a message that “#002 ( Download Max has been Reached.”, which is not helpful.

  2. with regard to taking more care , my issue is that by seeing the news and clicking the buy link ( as I have always had every YabDab product) there was no warning in the purchase process that Formloom4 was limited to 10.12. If there had been any warning i would have heeded it.
    I just wanted others to avoid the same pitfall.

  3. as for outdated OSX, on the basis that RW8 runs perfectly well on 10.11 its a fair assumption that all RW add ons should support the same operating systems as RW8. I have no issue with any other stacks or add ons.

Maybe we got different emails. The one I got this morning offers this:

Clicking on the info link takes you (well, me anyway) to the information page where I got the OS requirements which I included in the previous message. Clicking on the Buy Now takes you (well, me anyway) to the Cartloom checkout without further ado.

Do you think that the “Buy Now” should take you to the requirements page? I sympathise but I’m genuinely struggling to see what Yabdad could possibly have done more.

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I think you image shows perfectly what could be done…just above the BUY NOW button, underneath Improved UX state .“needs OSX 10.12”

thanks to Mike’s excellent support I now have a clean version of Formloom 3 just arrived

Glad you got it worked out.

Not a good assumption, especially with plugins. Plugins are basically like a separate app that can have different OS requirements.

Going forward since you’re running an older OS I would start taking the effort to “check the specs” in any future purchases, not just for RapidWeaver stuff but any app at all. Stacks 4 isn’t that far away, I don’t know what the system requirements will be.

Honestly, as a developer you could write the software requirements it in big red letters everywhere on the site, and there are still customers not able / not willing to read. I am not counting you in this group :wink:

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