Formloom 4 Poll - Backwards compatible?

So we are working on Formloom 4 and want to add some new stuff.

That new stuff would require us to break any Formloom 3 forms created previously.

The question is, break stuff and add the new hotness :fire:?

or …

Make things compatible with Formloom 3 forms and only add the new stuff that is possible?

Let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

+1 for this. it’s my motto for life

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As long as Formloom 4 can be installed alongside version 3 I’m fine with adding new hotness. :slight_smile:
This way sites built with v3 won’t be broken and I can update them to v4 manually whenever I want.


I agree with both - Break stuff, and just let the old plugin co-exist with the new one!


It’s a difficult one I suppose. I’d be reluctant to buy something that wasn’t backwards compatible, but I think Mathias’ suggestion is a good one.

Formloom is a very powerful product and whilst a few products are starting to catch up, it would be interesting to see what’s coming.

Break and hotness…

Let the people who want things to keep working as they were use 3, Formloom4 should be as up to date as possible. Break as many eggs as you like :slight_smile:


Use your own proprietary framework, or allow the ability to turn off the Bootstrap libraries.

I’m up for letting Formloom 4 use as many of the newest and greatest features as possible…

I agree that Formloom 3 can be kept loaded for anyone that might need it.

I agree that the new version should have all you can throw into it at the cost of backwards compatibility. For those that must have compatibility, they can continue to use the old version. For me, I want all the bells and whistles you can throw at me.

Thanks for caring enough to ask!

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Break stuff. I want the new hotness.

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Go where the future lies.

Whatever you do, please make sure you are not pulling any libraries from outside CDNs, please use the built in libraries from stacks or provide all resources within your solution. Looking at the GDPR I would have to state each and every library used in the privacy agreement and - if pulled from outside EU - have a special agreement in place with the CDN to make sure they follow the EU privacy laws…

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Jan, kannst du dazu mal was genaueres schreiben? Oder mir ne Quelle für diese Information nennen?

Add new features to Formloom 4, but allow Formloom 3 to be able to run alongside Formloom 4. I have several very long Formloom 3 forms that I don’t want to re-do, but would use Formloom 4 for new stuff. Alternately, allow Formloom 4 to import Formloom 3 forms (have fun with that -:slight_smile:

break stuff and add the new hotness :fire: ALWAYS!!

Indeed :slight_smile: … Im will the other geeks … charge ahead with new Foomloom 4 – alongside Formloom 3 would be ideal. I love the idea of usability accross foundation / foundry frameworks if possible.

Break stuff, and have them sit side by side.

Break it! Break it good! Break it REAL good! (And if 3 still works, too, will consider it an extra bonus).

break stuff and conditional logic! :wink: