Formloom 4 showing as unregistered *Resolved*

I have a site with 3 formloom forms in different places. Frustratingly, 2 are showing as ‘unregistered’:

I’m busy testing but if anyone has any ideas I’d be grateful. This site gets a lot of use and it doesn’t look good. Seems to have something to do with using the logo. I have removed on all three logos but still have one form looking unregistered

Seems to be sorted although I don’t know what caused the issue.

I did a complete republish (i.e. deleted all RW files from server and started afresh). All looked good. Added the logos back to all three forms and all still looks good. Fingers crossed!

With Formloom 3 I still occasionally get the ‘made with Demo version’ appear, even though it’s registered and had previously published OK. I got into the habit of double checking each time. In my case the form was embedded in a page and the fix for me was to re-publish the actual form page (even though I hadn’t changed anything on the form itself).

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