Formloom reset button

I expect @yabdab is pretty busy so will post here in case others have the needed info/skill I lack…

I have a form which uses the reset button. It has a number of text entry boxes. It also has a signature field, triggered by conditional processing on a checklist button.

The use case: A prospective member fills in the mandatory fields. They click a checklist button to agree terms and conditions and up pops a signature box to collect their scrawl as proof they read it. They also tell us how they want their magazine - post, email or both - a single select drop down.

When I test it in preview (and have not published this as yet - so if this is my issue, pls let me know) it all works fine and I get a successful send message. However, when I then hit the reset button, all of the fields are cleared except for one of the checklists and the signature field.

I can’t launch until this is fixed so …help!

@dougparke Send me a support ticket at and we can discuss a work around for this.

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Thanks muchly. Am on it once I wake up down here ! :upside_down_face:

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