Reset button on Contact form?

(Bob Afifi) #1

The Reset button on the Contact form to the left of the Submit button is just dumb. Why is it there at all? And to the left? Even dumber. Fortunately, Jeroen Roos already addressed this on their blog - back in 2012! Here’s the CSS hack:
input[type=reset] {
display: none !important;

(Mark Sealey) #2

In case someone has - for instance - shifted all their answers down/up the fields in a form by one; and so needs to empty/reset them all. Or otherwise wants to stay on the page and re-do the form, but not to have to delete each field’s data individually. It’s usually on the left of the Submit button because conventional UI wisdom suggests that right-handed use (a majority) are more likely to click on Submit and so not accidentally lose their form’s data.

(Bob Afifi) #3

Hi Mark,
With all due respect, I disagree. It’s just bad design and a throwback to the early days of the web. As for the location of the Reset button on the left being ‘conventional U wisdom’ please post one URL of a major site where that is the case. Whenever I’ve seen a Reset button, it’s always to the right.

(Mark Sealey) #4


Can you not change the location of your buttons in the RW page… I usually can?

The first page I came to (click on Try This Example here) has the Clear button to the left.

(Bob Afifi) #5

Well, that’s hardly what I’d call a major site - how about Amazon, Google, Yahoo. We read left to right, so that is the hierarchy of importance (not whether or not somebody is left or right handed), which is why the Reset button (if it exists at all) is typically on the right.

(Mark Sealey) #6

I cited that site b/c it’s that of an authority. I’m sure you’ll be able to place the buttons in the best way for you:-)

Good luck, Bob!

(Bob Afifi) #7

Sorry Mark, but no. RapidWeaver is clearly behind the beat on this and what they should do is cop to it and change their default settings. Make the Reset button optional if anything and certainly not put it on the left. Yikes.

p.s. Where’s the Reset button on your form?