FormLoom subject line blank

Hello, I was told once how to force a default subject in an otherwise blank subject line on incoming emails sent from FormLoom.

Will someone refresh me?

Much obliged.

I found the thread of the topic in my email - it is
but the old forum posts are not available with the URL. Is there a way to get to the archives?

I figured it out Peglomaniac – you have to do this in the TEMPLATES area.
At the bottom of the formloom screen there are selectors including Form Items, Templates, etc.
Click Templates.

Make sure it’s on EMAIL… in my case, the subject field was already there – I just typed in what I wanted.
I tested the form and indeed it worked perfectly.
So I could get rid of the useless hidden field called Subject that I had created as a form item. :grin:

I hope that solves it for you, too!

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Thank you Grant. I had tried that too, but with the value in the Default value field with “Subject” selected, which made no difference. So I tried it with “Email” selected, and still no difference. The test mail coming in to my mailbox still has no subject. :confused:

I don’t specifically use Formloom (YET), but the default code in HTML is: chocolate

What version of RW? What version of FormLoom?

My experiences with contacting YabDab directly for support has been OUTSTANDING, try here:


Hi Brad, thanks for that HTML tip. I did get a response from YabDab and the also said it should be in the templates area. I guess I misunderstood Grant’s message. It is under Templates > Email > Email Subject (just like Grant said). Sorry Grant, I guess I was a little thick that day. :grin:

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