FormPlus Title in notification email

I posted this to Chillidog 4 days ago but no-one has replied so I thought maybe someone here could help.

"Hi, I put in the Form Submission Subject field [Radio] so that the subject line reflects to Radio Button choice. This works but the subject field comes through (when copy and pasted) as <ul><li>Website issue</li></ul> but visually it looks like

  • Website issue

How do I remove the HTML tags in the email?"

Hmm… it changed on posting: when copy and pasted it comes through as image but visually it looks like image (I used images to stop the forum site formatting the HTML~).

If you want to mark a post as code (so the HTML doesn’t format) you need to select it and mark it as code. </> Button above where you type.

<li> first </li>

Ah! thanks…

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