Question about FormsPlus / chillidog

hello forum, and @barchard

i made a site with rw8/stacks4 and the formplus stack from chillidog.

the problem i have is, in the form receipt and form submission settings is a FROM field who should be the email-adress from the client. the website are sends emails without any authentfications to the user. cause there is no mailserver between. my client are now blacklistet. (the client use internaly a ms-exchange-server)

is there a solution?

Slight typo in the tag for Greg, it should be @barchard

Hi Jurgen,

This isn’t a FormsPlus issue. We’re simply providing some functionality for users. Furthermore, setting the FROM field can not ‘get you blacklisted’. The only way you get blacklisted is if you send out a massive amount of spam from the server.

You may disable this option if you’d like. Your IT person can do a few things:

  1. add the server to the SPF record of the DNS
  2. set up a mailbox for you to use via SMTP

In FormsPlus, you can do any of the following:

  1. use SMTP to send mail
  2. use Postmark
  3. turn off the setting which overwrites the FROM field to use the default set on the server
  4. Enable ReCaptcha which should prevent the form from being submitted by spambots (if you are getting spammed)

This, of course, assumes you’re not on a shared server. The server getting blacklisted could be from another account on the server.

I hope that helps.



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