Forms without the text, just pictures?

I’ve tried to create a form in Foundation that’s let the user choose between several options to collect a form-submission that is showing me the results.

In foundation/stacks i can only create forms that show text-related questions and anwers.
Is there a stack that makes is possible to let the user just clicked on photo’s/pictures for several questions and send me the results just like an normal text-form??

The solution is to use the super great stack Siphon. Never before you could create such a sophisticated Forms in Rapidweaver. My idea i mentioned above is created in several minutes.

Great stack indeed. Can you share a link for the show off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When it’s ready to take off i’ll post the link here. It’s gonna be pretty good!! Now just figure out some details.

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Found the Siphon stack

It’s listed as $14.99 but when I clicked the link, came up $19.99

That is on the developer, it is up to them to keep their community addons info up to date.

Yes, i also paid 19,99 but it’s worth it! when you would like to create forms that go beyound the standard forms.