Reveal dropdown menu relative to checkbox


i’m trying to create a form with foundation and its stacks. It works very well. But now i want to create a question which is answerable with ‘yes’ or ‘no’. By ‘no’ the user goes to the next question. But by clicking on yes a dropdown menu shall appear. Like ‘Do you own a car?’ and after answering with yes a dropdown appears with some brands the user can choose of.

I already watched out for other stacks like formloom or super forms. But in the doc’s i couldn’t find an hint for such a feature.

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Siphon by One Little Designer:


Thanks Jan.
I’ll give it a try.

Ok, with Siphon i get the functionality i want. But also some problems.
I’ve two radio-buttons for a question - yes and no. First of all, i can’t deactivate the ‘next’ button in Siphon. I don’t want the user to click a confirmation button. In addition, the ‘next’ button of Siphon send me a mail with the answers already done although the form isn’t completed.
In my thoughts it should work, that by clicking the yes radio button a dropdown appears and by clicking the no button nothing will happen and the user can answer the next question. And it’s important for the usability that it’s not necessary to confirm the decision.

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I’m having some problems with siphon. I don’t receive information on my email when i have some checkbox answers, do you know how to fix it? i also have the problem that siphon doesn’t work on TOPSTACK light-box.

Just happened to see this on the weaver space forum, which might help when displaying Siphon in a lightbox:

Siphon - Content > Content Height had to be set to Fixed instead of Dynamic.

Thread is here:

Thank you very much it worked!!!. Now only have to solve the siphon checkbox answers info on mail problem.