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(Scott Leverenz) #1

I’m using FormSnap for online registration of a golf tournament. I’ve used this stack in the past, so I know that I’m not getting something that i know must be very simple… The form will not work because I don’t have the correct item name in the ReplyTo Item field. For some reason, I cannot figure out what needs to be inserted in this field. the error reads ““Reply-To Item 'email” has a value of " which is an invalid email format. This usually happens when you assign the incorrect Item Name to the ReplyTo Item setting.” Help. Me. Please. URL of page:

(Silas 'Shadow' skiá) #2

Have you turned off “smart quotes” on your Mac?

That may be the problem.

@joeworkman has a document on it at

Just search for “smart quotes” and I’m sure you’ll find it.

Hope that helps,


(Brad Halstead) #3


Reply to field should contain the Label of the field you added for the user to enter their email address on the form.

Does that help?

(Scott Leverenz) #4

Shadow- I checked and they were on, so I turned them off, rebooted and updated the registration page. Still getting same result. Brad - i verified the settings and still getting same result. See screenshots - and
And of course, Yabdab is on vacation until April 11th.

(Brad Halstead) #5


Try keeping it simple to start and changing your label to just email

Secondly, your Subject Item MUST be the Label of the Subject form field.

Set: Send Secure
Profile: SSL
Set: Use Authentication
Set Username (Gmail address)
Set Password (Gmail email password)

I don’t think the Field Label likes dashes or underscores, it prefers just plain alphanumeric contents only.