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I’m using FormSnap for online registration of a golf tournament. I’ve used this stack in the past, so I know that I’m not getting something that i know must be very simple… The form will not work because I don’t have the correct item name in the ReplyTo Item field. For some reason, I cannot figure out what needs to be inserted in this field. the error reads ““Reply-To Item 'email” has a value of " which is an invalid email format. This usually happens when you assign the incorrect Item Name to the ReplyTo Item setting.” Help. Me. Please. URL of page:

Have you turned off “smart quotes” on your Mac?

That may be the problem.

@joeworkman has a document on it at

Just search for “smart quotes” and I’m sure you’ll find it.

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Reply to field should contain the Label of the field you added for the user to enter their email address on the form.

Does that help?

Shadow- I checked and they were on, so I turned them off, rebooted and updated the registration page. Still getting same result. Brad - i verified the settings and still getting same result. See screenshots - and
And of course, Yabdab is on vacation until April 11th.


Try keeping it simple to start and changing your label to just email

Secondly, your Subject Item MUST be the Label of the Subject form field.

Set: Send Secure
Profile: SSL
Set: Use Authentication
Set Username (Gmail address)
Set Password (Gmail email password)

I don’t think the Field Label likes dashes or underscores, it prefers just plain alphanumeric contents only.


For FormSnap 2.

Who can tell me how to change the subject name of incoming emails? The default theme is “Web Form Submission”, I would like to change it to its name.

And how to correctly specify the “From whom” field? So that the sender’s name, which he indicated in the form, is written in the received letter in “from whom”.

Here is a sample file that might help.

Joe, thanks for the quick response and file!
I tried to do it, it turns out that the name in “from” will always be what is specified in the settings, and not the sender as such.

And the subject of the letter itself still turns out to be “Web Form Submission”.

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