Customizing e-mail response

I am having an e-mail response sent to me from an RW questionnaire containing the contents of the questionnaire. So far it’s been working fine. The title of the email is always the same: “Workshop Questionnaire”. I’d like to include the sender’s name in the title so instead of having 2 dozen e-mails with the same title I’d know who each was from. Haven’t figured it out yet. Suggestions?


Are you using a them? Which one?

Are you using the Theme’s built in email plugin or RapidWeaver’s or a third party developers email Plugin/stack?

I ask because in Foundations, you can use {{name}} in the subject as a token (Macro) to the senders name. Other Themes/plugins/stacks may or may not include such a thing.


My theme is Uprising; the questionnaire is done in FormSnap. I realize that I really should address this question to the FormSnap developer.


Take a look at the validation options in edit mode for the text (email) input fields. You can set validation for when the value of one input is equal to another…

Now, I’ve never tried it (never had the need)… but its a starting point…

OK @wconable

I have FormSnap and use it

Input field: Type=Email/required/validated-required - starting email address

Add another input field: Type=Email/required/validated-required, in Inspector check equal to box, equal to name appears, add name of email field one.

Upload and test for pass and failure