Something weird is happening to my Formsplus form

Last year, I used Formsplus on an awards website so that applicants could upload documents. It worked great. I moved the system over to a new website for this year’s new awards and it was working fine.

Has a recent update drastically changed how the stack functions?

Somehow, in the last few weeks, the stack has completely stopped working for me;
The upload form no longer displays on the page as it did.
it also no longer accepts formats as it was meant to.

In the project file, the stack itself no longer shows the uploader tool. A large number of stack settings have disappeared, including file types.

I opened up the last year’s website file in the current and most up-to-date version of Rapidweaver (with Stacks 3) and it too is not working as expected…

However, when I opened the original version of last year’s website in a legacy rapidweaver and it was working fine.

Can anyone weigh in here?


Fyi, we’re (@barchard) working on helping Tom via support. If we have an update (or better yet a solution), I do hope Tom follows up here, too.


Howdie - Yes, The team were on the case FAST - which on a Sunday night was super helpful. They sent over an updated stack and once I installed it, everything went back to normal.

Two thumbs up for the Chilli Dog Team

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