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So, actually, it has nothing to do with password protection of the form itself?

Correct. These are just form elements. Other Stacks can be used to password protect a page.

Any issues please report to [email protected] and I will be happy to take a look. Please send additional info including what version of macOS you’re using too.



Version 1.0.5 is now live! This update includes the new Country select option requested @dudeneyge as well as options for US States, Canadian Provinces, Mexican States and Timezones. Full details are below, but thanks everyone for the awesome feedback!

You top dog,

  • *New* Pre-populated country list (via Select Menu)
  • *New* Pre-populated US State list (via Select Menu)
  • *New* Pre-populated Mexico State list (via Select Menu)
  • *New* Pre-populated Canadian Province list (via Select Menu)
  • *New* Pre-populated Timezone list (via Select Menu)
  • *New* ability to include full upload path for Form Submission template
  • *New* ability to include full upload path for Online Record template
  • *Bugfix* Warning users if Nav is place on left or right, form will not be responsive
  • *Bugfix* email input not being parsed in template
  • *Bugfix* [files][failure] not being removed from template
  • *Bugfix* Left Nav item overlapping content
  • *Bugfix* NavItems being cut off on mobile
  • *Bugfix* radio buttons being cut off
  • *Bugfix* Step height varies with or without sub-title

Hey! That was quick and efficient and responsive. Thank you very much

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You’re welcome.

Rob Hall wrote a review of FormsPlus! Everyone can read it here:

@willwood also blogged about FormPlus too!

I am very excited about FormPlus. From the reaction here and my mailbox, I think others are too :smiley:

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FormsPlus is superb, there’s no doubting it. Easy to setup, safe, reliable and masses of customisable options. Nothing else really compares. Contact forms, purchase orders, surveys, estimates, warranty registration, booking enquiries - it can do them all!

I published a longer writeup here about FormsPlus on my blog.

If you are on the fence about whether to get it or not, I’d say get it! You’d only have to use it in a single webpage and you would have recouped your costs. It’s that good.

Secret tip: If you hide the submit button in FormPlus and use ‘Static Stacks’ in your steps, you have yourself a brilliant step-by-step tour stack, to use for simple galleries and showcases.


This looks really interesting. Any way to have it export information to a MySQL database, similar to Formsnap?


If it can replace my Machform booking for I will be very happy!


May need to have a proper look or purchase to see if it can.

I bought it yesterday. There are still several bugs (including, for example, if you put “file uploader” in step 3, and go back, there is no “next” button in steps 1 and 2.

I have a big issue. The emails that are sent with the form do not display the email address of the sender.
RW 7.2.2 / Foundry / Php 7

Please send bugs to me via my support system.

Yes emails do not come from the person submitting the form. This is not a bug. There is a very good reason for this. First, many hosts prevent users from spoofing the From field in emails. Second, many spam filters examine the from field and if it doesn’t match where the email originated they will mark it as spam.

Simply use the email template. You need to write a template with the content you want sent. Simply give each Element a Name in its respective settings. For example, you can give an Email Element a name of userEmail then you can write it in the template as [userEmail]

FormsPlus automatically replaces the users submission with the corresponding Element name


Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:
I send you the project with the bug.

Thank you. Greatly appreciated. I’ll take a look as soon as I am able.

Not yet but this is on my list. I didn’t know how interesting it would be to users. It’s also a very hard thing to do in a SQL database where the columns have to be pre-defined. I do, however, have an idea :wink:

FormSnap does this, and it’s very handy for keeping a record - and for some legal requirements some of us have to keep a trail of things. In the general admin of the stack you define the database config and access, then for each element you add to the form, you get to configure which column that element posts to in the database - pretty simple as an approach, but effective.


I have an easier approach in mind. I would want to make this easier. Databases can be very confusing for RW users. Especially if you have to worry about changing a database schema. :slight_smile:


I haven’t been able to get this stack to work. I sent you a support ticket about a week ago; would appreciate a response.


I’ve responded to all support tickets. Please check your spam folder or send me your ticket ticket via direct message.


Nothing in spam, it must have got lost in the tubes. I’ll send another by regular email later today.


@barchard I bought FormsPlus a couple of days ago and I am really impressed by the functionality. However, there are some things I do not understand:

  1. Why is there no option to build a single step form? (Building a simple contact form with multiple steps seems to sometimes be a bit confusing)
  2. What is the point of “hiding the next/back/finish buttons”? (When I hide them, I cannot submit the form…)
  3. Why is it not possible make an a “file upload” field required?
  4. Why can’t the file upload not start automatically but must be manually triggered by the user? (The user gets the message “Upload successful” which might be understood as “I am done”, but he has to click on “Finish/Next” the send the form/continue to the next step.
  5. Why can’t files not be attached to Emails?
  6. Do you see a chance of changing the displayed URL for each step in order to allow Google Analytics Funnel tracking?

I also found that certain characters (e.g. white spaces) in filenames break the link to the uploaded file.


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While I’ll leave the other questions up to Greg to answer them I want to comment on your question no. 5): Because files can be too large to be sent as an email attachment. The power of FormsPlus’ file upload is the ‘file chunking’, which makes it possible to upload files up to 2 Gigabyte. If it would be possible to attach files to the email, people would try to send for example 150 MB files via email, which would fail of course. Many email-/hosting-providers (mostly the free ones) limit the attachment size to 5 MB, and although my hosting provider allows emails up to 50MB (or even more) I get angry each time I get emails with such big attachments.