FormsPlus v1.9.0 - with Foundation support!

Finally getting around to releasing this update and a big thanks to @joeworkman for the help. FormsPlus now has two awesome new features:

  1. support for Foundation inputs. You can match the look and feel of your Foundation site
  2. Foundation Columns. You can add a Foundation column to your FormsPlus form (DO NOT add a foundation form to FormsPlus!)

Aside from some Foundation support, FormsPlus now has an “Append” option to Templates. Enabling this option will Append all of the visitor’s form submission to the end of the Template. This makes it easy to capture everything the user submitted without having to write everything out. The normal [name] syntax is still, however, supported!

Your top dog,

FormsPlus v1.9.0


  • Add PLIST support for Default values for Inputs
  • Add support for Foundation inputs
  • Add support for Foundation Columns
  • Add Append option to automatically APPEND everything the Visitor submitted with the Template

Bug Fixes

  • Fix outgoing SMTP settings
  • Fix styling of success and error messages

Good news for a great form stack.

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