Form with UPLOAD IMAGE capability... help

I’m trying hard to create a NO-PROFIT site for adoption of homeless pets (Dogs, Cats…), working with RapidWeaver, Foundation and other Stacks.
My problem is: Does it exist the way to give the users the possibility to subscribe in the site AND UPLOADING IMAGES/PHOTOS???
(with e-mail confirmation)
… and the possibility to save subscribed USER DATA AND IMAGES to MySQL Database of my Host?

I searched for a RW Stack with upload capability, but I found nothing…

Maybe Formloom3 Stack?

Thanks to all,


Hi, what do you mean by

subscribe in the site

Most contact forms will allow users to upload an attachment when they fill out the form. FormsPlus will allow you to restrict uploads to a certain type and send users a customized email confirmation/receipt :slight_smile:


Hi Gregory,

thanks for your suggestion.

Does FormPlus save data in a MySQL Database?
And… is it compatible with Foundation?

Thanks again


Yes, it is compatible with Foundation. No it doesn’t save to a SQL database at this time (it’s something that has been requested). Instead, it can save responses to a txt file directly on the server.


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What a pity!.. :frowning:

Formloom 3 from Yabdab offers the ability to save to a MySQLdatabase. You can also limit file type and size, and send a customized receipt.

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Thanks for your suggestion, @manofdogz. I have already installed FormLoom3, but I have problems to manage it and the documentation is quite poor.
First, FormLoom conflicts with Foundation theme (that I use), but this isn’t a problem: I can use FormLoom with 1 page only (the Form) with a blank theme.
But I don’t understand if I MUST publish the Formloom page online and then work with it.
Formloom3 is quite difficult for me :frowning: