Replacing a picture in a Rapid Weaver supplied Theme

I am a new user of Rapid Weaver, I have previously used Adobe Muse which I no longer have access to. My problem is that I want to replace the default image on the supplied themes home page with rapid Weaver 8 with the image I used on my Adobe Muse home page.
I bought Rapid Weaver because the Ads said I did not need to know code. But when I try to insert the location of the file I want to use it appears as a question mark on the page. Can anyone help please.

Could you tell us which theme you’re using?

EDIT: to try to be a bit more helpful.

If you go to the “General” pane and replace or insert the banner (as shown below) that might do what you want. Not all themes support a banner, though.

Hope this is helpful.

Thanks, but the theme I choose does not support a banner replacement. I was able to replace the original with another pic but I want to use my own pictures where possible.

What was the theme you chose?

If the theme doesn’t support banner replacement…are you sure it is responsive.

Hi guys, thanks for your replies. the theme is Affero. This is the code for the picture.

When I try to insert any of my own pictures location into the code I get a question mark. When I insert a unsplash image no problem.

If you’re going to post code on this forum you need to select it and mark it as code with the </> icon right above where you type.

Otherwise, you just inserted the picture into the post.

Sorry about that. First time I have ever used a forum.
img src=“” class=“mt-4 rounded” /

If that works for you…why don’t you just put your image on your server and link to it.

When I got foundation…I stopped using themes…so much more control and easier…
This is just a simple site…took me like 10 mins to make…and everything is under your control.

Hi Joe thanks for that. Once I had loaded the file to the server it worked out ok. I am on a very quick learning curve.

@joemart1951 Joe,
We all know that you love foundation. But, Foundation 6 isn’t in any shape for a beginner right now. If you are experienced with the original Foundation you might be able to make due.

But right now, someone who is used to traditional themes wouldn’t have a chance with F6.

Until Joe gets the tutorials and documentation done, it’s not a good introduction to using frameworks in RapidWeaver.

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I agree…F6 is a bear…wish he would leave F1 available @joeworkman until things with F6 get worked out.

I’m looking forward to giving Foundation 6 a spin, but I’m waiting for the documentation and concise short tutorials he talks about in the live stream.

I just don’t have the patience or the time to learn by going through hours of live streams trying to pick out the pieces.

I wouldn’t recommend Foundation 1if it was available right now for a new user either, the documentation and tutorials for 6 will be out shortly. No point in learning a product that’s going away.


If anyone has a valid need for F1, it can still be made available. F6 is definitely the way forward. I hope to start getting some of the shorter videos out next week.

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Thanks Joe…You know I use both…

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