Unable to find version conflict?

Rapidweaver 8 sequence:
create new project
add stacks
drag site styles version 6.1.2 to start project dev.

results : Foundation Version Warning

right of the starting line without any stacks ?

Do you have the right version of the theme?

yes. there’s only one, Foundation6 left to right.

The Theme and the stacks version number needs to match:

Goto addons> Themes and Find JoeWorkman, Check the version number:

In the stacks Library look at site Styles:

If they don’t match you need to check for updates for stacks, and then quit and relaunch RapidWeaver, It should prompt for the theme update. If not goto weavers.space and re-download the theme.

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seems ok for themes six dot and above
what about stacks I’ve purchased = several 1LD stacks including Awsome Maps. 3.2.2
none of which have version numbers starting with 6.

just what can be used ? confused and flustered.

iv’e chosen “update all” frequently

Foundation 6 requires the stacks and the theme version numbers match. It’s not a 6 dot or above thing. My understanding is they have to match the full number.
6.1.2 on the Foundation 6 stacks and 6.1.2 on the Foundation theme.

The warning only applies to the Foundation 6 stacks not matching the Foundation 6 Theme. It has nothing to do with any 1LD stacks or any other stacks, even from Joe Workman.

Every time Joe puts out a stacks update for Foundation 6, there will be a corresponding Theme update.

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Problem dissolved

I’m guessing that I had been running RW8 for several days without actually rebooting RW8 even though I hit the "update all " button at least twice.

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