🚀 Foundation 6.1 is here!

OK. Thank you all. I finish here. Foundations is not for me. I can say why:

  • There is not documents
  • There is not examples - if weavers.space is foundation (yes?) then is not nice. and does not work on mobile!!
  • There is not gallery. Why need to buy more?

Not for me. Maybe others. Good luck. Meanwhile i find something else. Thank you.

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Hi, as far as I know Foundation will cover all your requirements. And the documentation, list of stacks etc. will come as well. A lot of demo projects are available once you buy it.

For my projects, I am using Foundry, which you can have a look at.

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Sorry you couldn’t find what you wanted with the New Foundation 6 stacks. It’s just under a month old and the documentation, samples, and tutorials aren’t there yet but Joe the developer, assures us that they are on the way.

I don’t know the timeframe you are looking at to make a purchase, but you can check back later for more information on foundation 6 or if you have questions on other competing products don’t hesitate to post them.

Sorry that your simple pre-sales question generated so much discussion not related to what you asked.
Good luck to you!

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I have to agree with what was said even if I don’t agree with how it was said. I have shared this with other developers. If you are going to train with video, pick a topic. Short 3-7 minutes if even necessary.

Training videos and Sales videos are two different things. I never hang around for Social videos unless I’m on YouTube…

To be fair to @joeworkman, he was always very clear that he was focusing on getting F6 released, and would circle back to the documentation and tutorials. He has never ‘sold’ the videos as anything other than what they are - recordings of Live Streams, where he DEMONSTRATES some of F6’s capabilities for those who are interested - and having watched them, they are informative as long as you’re not expecting a training course!

For me, F6 is a zero-sum game, as I was lucky enough to fall within the VERY generous free upgrade period, which has allowed me to have a play with it. I’m a very inexperienced site builder, and I know that much of the limited amount that I’ve done has been more by luck than judgement, but I will learn more when the actual tutorials are released.

As with any product, if you aren’t yet sure that it will fit your needs, don’t buy it. There’s just no justification for the tone that this thread has taken.

Life’s too short.


Sorry you could not find what you needed. I agree with you, a simple list of features would have been nice. I think Joe is working on that now. In the mean time as an idea you could also list which features you are looking for, and then maybe someone who already has the product could tell you if Foundations has that feature(s) or not. Also, there are many other products like Foundation that may suit you better. Foundry may be one such product and they do have some documentation.


There is also a product called UIkit. You can learn more about it here;


You can also go here to search for other programs that are similar;


Hope that helps.

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Yes - I think maybe Foundry. Looks very nice. I have big need for a gallery for my pictures and I read that Foundation has not this.

Short sighted to make your decision dependent on that. You are most probably able to use any other Gallery in F6. Gallery Stack for example just got native Foundation 6 grid support.

BTW: I think this discussion is a bit absurd. Just give the developers enough time for documentation, that’s for all the most tedious part, me included.


The Foundation 6 Announcement thread was pretty lengthy and I can understand if many of you did not read it all. I tried to cover a lot of the new features there. Here are a few excerpts to cover some questions laid out here.

Until I built out my own site for the F6 stacks, you can easily see all fo the components on the framework website above (I am actually in charge of that website now as well).

So as I said before, the criticism here is fair and I was ready for it. Thank you for your patience. Other frameworks, including Foundation 1, have good documentation. They have also been around for years. Foundation 6 is less than a month old. We will get there.


Agreed. One of the most iniquitous discussions I can remember on this forum.

When has Joe Workman ever released anything which embodies anything less than exemplary:

  • Production values.
  • Support collateral.
  • Innovation features and user enablement.

Anyone who rejects a product of the scale and value of Foundation 6.1 because the written down documentation is not yet in place is, to my mind, being a bit hasty. Give the guy a chance!

The depth, innovation and empowerment F6.1 brings to RW users is next-gen, this thread should be celebrating that and supporting those who make RW relevant in 2020.


Actually no one is really upset, and Joe even backs you:

So no need for this in my opinion. Still, I am looking very much forward to see more of Foundation 6 and what us creators make out of it!



If it were not for Isaah, Joe, Adam, we wouldn’t have what we have… all praises to them for making RW into something that really rocks… I’m sure Foundation 6.1 is awesome… what he’s shown so far is awesome… peace and love


Maikee if you just need a good gallery then check out ProGallery by Stacks4Stacks. It is very feature rich;


Here is a Foundation 6 sample…using Stacks4Stacks ProGallery 2

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Here is a gallery in the first Foundation using Pro Gallery - https://stacks4stacks.com/progallery/
It works in Foundation6

I have installed Foundations 6.1 and am playing with some of the features now. I will agree with others that watching videos (especially long-form ones) is not always conducive to learning. I look forward to some written materials that explain some of the basics. Currently, I am feeling like a complete fool as I try to figure out how to set margins and paddings in columns…a formerly simple tasks which I cannot find anywhere in Site Settings. There may be something in those videos, but this illustrates the need for the written resources, I’m glad to see Joe is working on these resources.

Deleted the previous posts and replaced with this edited post with the link to a short video showing how to add margins and padding in Foundation 6


Thanks for your help! I don’t do this full time, so these changes can make me sound like a grumpy old man as I gripe about “the good ol’ days.” Your video was perfect.

Ps. I realize these changes can actually make things better…but it can be frustrating in the beginning. I can already see the pros to this…once I get used to it.

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It reminds me of going from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X.x. The purpose wasn’t to stick the landing with perfection, but to launch into the future. It was a bumpy transition, but necessary one and a lot of people complained then too.

I can’t wait to see what comes next. Keep it up, Joe.


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