Foundation v1.6 Update is here!

Foundation 1.6 is here

I released Foundation 1.6 (Theme + Stacks) last night and many of you have already been playing around with it. I have even released a v1.6.2 that resolved some issues that were not caught during testing.

Foundation 1.6 tries to focus on some small speed improvements again. The Page Speed options in SEO Helper have been really optimized for the Foundation theme. You should see small jumps in your Page Speed scores (because I know that you all love that so much). The Font Awesome rocket loader that was removed in v1.5 is back as well!

Duplicate Page Checker
We all have wasted time figuring out why our nice new website updates are not displaying when we publish. When the problem was that our webpage switched from html to php. Foundation now has a very convenient checker that will alert you when this happens.

The Foundation framework was updated to v5.5.3. This brings us tons of bug fixes and improvements for free. The CSS was also moved back into the theme. This means that you can use the Foundation theme without stacks again. Obviously, that means you would need to hand code your entire site.

Impact Integration
If you own the Impact stack, you will now see a new slide option when Foundation 1.6 is installed. This new Foundation slide allows you to use the features from the Foundation image stack so that you can define different images for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Full Release Notes


  • Foundation Framework updated to v5.5.3. We have many hundreds of fixes that come with this.
  • Foundation CSS loaded in the theme again, instead of via stacks.
  • Performance optimizations

Site Styles

  • Duplicate page checker now warns you inside RapidWeaver when you have both index.html and index.php files on your server.
  • P size settings now also affects lists

SEO Helper

  • Page Speed: Font Awesome rocket loader is back! It utilizes the Stacks Font Awesome version to prevent multiple versions from loading on the page.
  • Page Speed: More page optimizations to improve your Google Page Speed rankings
  • Twitter Cards: New twitter card options: Large Summary Cards, App Cards, Product Cards


  • You can now apply a color scheme to the contents of the column stacks. You can choose from the Alt and Swatch color schemes

Top Bar

  • Parent Link now shows when mobile menu is used on Tablet or Desktop
  • Mobile back link color now inherits from link color


  • Forms now have a small spinning in-progress indicator when the form is submitted

Impact Integration

  • You will now have the option to use an Foundation image inside the Impact stack when you have Foundation installed. This will allow you to define separate images for mobile, tablet and desktop.


  • Thanks for finding even more typos in my tooltips!

(This will probably be the last 1.x release of Foundation. Here comes Foundation 6!)


hi @joeworkman, i just wanted to start a new website for a client using foundation. on preview it came back telling me to update to version 1.6.2. so i went to your download page where unfortunately i am only able to get version 1.6.0. tried 4-5 times, same results… what gives or what did i miss?
puzzled, tomas

You can not download the stacks, you can only get the theme. It is probably telling you that you need the 1.6.2 of the stacks. You need to check for updates, see this FAQ about updating stacks and that will get you the 1.6.2 version of the stacks.

@joeworkman @zeebe

Will we be able to have V1.x and 2.x installed at the same time without issue?

This would be preferable if you’re taking pre-feature requests…

Same goes for anything else big like Total CMS and Easy CMS, especially if paid upgrades for major version numbers.


1.x and 2.x of what?

I’m assuming, when Joe mentions “here comes foundations 6” that the major version number of Foundations theme and stack packs will occur… from 1.x to 2.x or 6.x?


My next version of Foundation for RapidWeaver will jump from v1 to v6. This is to keep the version inline with the actual Foundation framework.

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