🚀 Foundation 6 is here! Welcome to the Future of Web Design

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Don’t know if you intended to, but you have to login or sign up to read this link.


Thanks. Fixed!

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Foundation 6 Open Office Hours

I will be holding open office for the remainder of the day in order to answer any questions that you may have about Foundation 6. Or just pop in and say hello! You can join me here…

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I had to jump off for the day… I will be back online Friday and will do another open office.

I just posted a special Black Friday event for users that have upgraded to Foundation 6.

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Greetings! Are there any examples yet of Foundation 6 websites made with RapidWeaver and stacks? Thanks!


Dumb question:
If I’ve upgraded from old foundation (the first one) to 6.1, is it better to rebuild a site from scratch or can I just plop in the new foundation and try to manage it all?
I’m recovering from a hard disc crash and my tech accidentally destroyed my backups going back to April so while I have the rapidweaver file I would have to go back and install every single stack based on each ‘missing stack’ error. Or I can just copy & paste into a fresh install.

I do recommend that you start a new project using Foundation 6. You can copy your existing content over. However, you cannot use Foundation 1 stacks inside of Foundation 6. This would be a great opportunity to really fine tune your content and re-evaluate everything.

Sorry to here about your crash. That is always so frustrating. Having a fresh start can sometimes be a nice thing though.

Any examples of sites made with 6 yet?


That pricing is simply too rich for me, i have never understood the logic of charging longer term customers MORE for upgrades…unless the price comes down i’ll be looking at other options. Sorry great product but with current AU exchange rates thats almost 150 bucks, which tbh is just plain ridiculous. I’ve got pro audio upgrades that cost significantly less.


Although I haven’t purchased the upgrade yet, I think the pricing model is more than fair.

The old product Foundation 1 is 5+ years old. The new product is a complete rewrite of the product. It’s a new product, nothing in the old is even usable in the new. If it had a different name you might think differently.

That’s going to affect anything that you buy. The 79 USD upgrade price should equal about 114 AUD.

As I have mentioned before, I used to create my websites using Apple iWeb and Adobe Muse. Both of those companies pulled the plug and orphaned their customers because they could not make a business case for continuing with the development necessary to accommodate current paradigms.

I personally feel reassured that the developers for these themes and stacks can charge enough to stay alive. If they can continue to make a business case for staying in business I hopefully won’t have to start all over with a fourth website platform.

The only thing I would ask for in exchange is better training programs. Hour long streams of consciousness don’t really advance my knowledge. What I want is something like Lynda.Com with a retrievable syllabus.

All of these stacks are good ones. Some might be a little better but most are good enough to get what I need done. I will go with whichever developer can get me trained best. Having a million options that I can’t harvest doesn’t do me any good at all.


@cabinetmaker Foundry provides excellent written and video tutorials. It’s a very user-friendly platform. Check it out here:

With time I’m sure Foundation 6 will also have a very nice set of targeted videos.


Tim @cabinetmaker,

The closest thing to Lynda .com in for RapidWeaver in general would have been RapidWeaver Classroom. It’s still available and covers general RW stuff through RW8, but unfortunately doesn’t yet cover stacks 4 and a lot of the newer addons.

I don’t know if @ryanbsmith is planning to keep updating the tutorials or not.

Otherwise, you just have to wait on the developers.

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Also worth having a look on our RapidWeaver Academy - there’s a couple of courses there that do a step-by-step building of a website. We’ve had great reviews from a range of users.

It uses a different framework but many of the principles/ techniques can be applied in your framework of choice.

There are many more courses planned and I’m always open to suggestions too.


Thanks Doug.

I had already subscribed to RapidWeaver Classroom but to tell you truth forgot all about it.
It was something I did in my first days with RW when everything was much more of a blur than it is right now. I just watched his video about publishing websites and it was like watching Mr Rogers give you a tour of the saxophone factory. It was very calming, through and very well paced. And…retrievable.
I look forward now to seeing what RapidWeaver Academy has to offer.

As a software company I can tell you: Longer means got more use out of it… the courtesy shown to recent buyers of software is a reflection of them not getting enough time with it yet so as to be worth it. This is prevalent in the software industry… Microsoft being a leader… they are regular about re charging… my sub version of windows 10 has reached maturity, if I want support, meaning updates for security included, I have to rebuy windows now, and I’m on 10, you so dont own it, many software companies have adopted rental ware which is directly money for time covered… software is licensed to you as well, again reflecting non ownership on the part of the buyer… intellectual property must be retained… if you “sell” code to someone it is their’s to redistribute freely… copyright infringement… so you have to retain rights… the reason for upgrades and charging for them is the software engineers need to work, stay working, so they write, and must be paid, again, and again, and again, depending on lifespan of the software or engineers thereof… I have paid quite a few times for windows… and at times in the past I paid repeatedly for photoshop, indesign, golive, word… I hope this helps you understand why software is the way it is.

This is good sensitivity on your part… I am a solo software guy with a product that lots of people use, I make very little, if I make enough, I continue to work on it, work out bugs, serve customer support needs, if I can’t make enough, I will have to turn away… it knocks people for a loop when they have to learn again a new software because the last one went away… I too had to go from iWeb to RW because at last 32 bit apps are OVER and that’s why I got on RW recently. Let me say this though: This move I had to do in my mind proved very worth it for me, because RW made me make a much better website, responsive, SEO Helper, better search results I am getting, I’m getting more business… people take me seriously, more, because my website looks so professional now… so I’m NOW happy that I HAD TO Switch… because otherwise I wouldn’t have… and in switching I discovered a software situation I love, and that is stacks… inside RW… I had Tons of Fun making my sites, because of stacks way of being… it’s like candy land for geeks… jyotishstudio.com and Goravani.com fwiw