🚀 Foundation 6 is here! Welcome to the Future of Web Design

This is good sensitivity on your part… I am a solo software guy with a product that lots of people use, I make very little, if I make enough, I continue to work on it, work out bugs, serve customer support needs, if I can’t make enough, I will have to turn away… it knocks people for a loop when they have to learn again a new software because the last one went away… I too had to go from iWeb to RW because at last 32 bit apps are OVER and that’s why I got on RW recently. Let me say this though: This move I had to do in my mind proved very worth it for me, because RW made me make a much better website, responsive, SEO Helper, better search results I am getting, I’m getting more business… people take me seriously, more, because my website looks so professional now… so I’m NOW happy that I HAD TO Switch… because otherwise I wouldn’t have… and in switching I discovered a software situation I love, and that is stacks… inside RW… I had Tons of Fun making my sites, because of stacks way of being… it’s like candy land for geeks… jyotishstudio.com and Goravani.com fwiw

@Mathew @habitualshaker this thread about the launch of Foundation 6 has got well off topic but it’s still probably good etiquette not to talk about other products in it.


I love Joe’s products and this one looks awesome. That being said, I see no issue with bringing up competing products in any given thread. This is a Rapidweaver users forum. Making other users
aware of the options available to them is a good thing in this forum. Addons have become a very
expensive proposition for individuals that just want to take care of a site or two. The cost of keeping
things updated is becoming quite an expensive for user like that.

I also have a problem with trying to limit what people can say. This is becoming a bigger and bigger problem all over the web.

At this point for me to make this purchase I would need a trial. $100 is quite an investment for many
me. I wish Joe great success with this and all his products. Any I have purchased have been very

Lastly, Joe, you mentioned there are no addon packages for Foundation 6. Is this forever or are you
planning on also selling additional stack packages. I know you are an active developer. So I know
new stuff will be coming…

I wish all a happy and healthy New Year!


I have to disagree, I think when a developer is launching a product, that product should be the only thing discussed, unless someone is asking if a product will work with the new product being launched. Trust me, I use to do the same thing and I see know how wrong it is to mention competing products on a product launching page, it is just bad form.

Everything that was in the 3 Foundation v1 packs are all inside a single stack set now. There is actually more. I do have a couple of ideas for some addons packs in the future. The first that will happen is a pro swatch pack. I do not have any ETA on that though.

Opinions are like…A**#%?s… we all have them. Telling me mine is bad form is rude. This forum is for Rapidweaver users. It is not an advertising site. I use the forum regularly to learn of new stuff. I am grateful that Realmac allows developers to announce their products. I am also grateful that others take the time to post of other options. I will also point out that I do not sell any addon products, it is strictly about learning for me.

Many developers also have their own forum… if that were the case I would agree with you. This is a Realmac support forum.


Anyone here using Foundation 6 with RapidCart Pro 4? Any known issues?

As mentioned Foundation 6 is very expensive (looks like I’ll be eating lots of hot dogs for a while) and before I buy it I need to know if it is compatible with RapidCart Pro 4. Thanks!

Never said your opinions were bad form, here is a quote from my post:

This has nothing to say about your opinions, just that it is bad form to mention other products on an announcement. All I said about your opinion is that I disagree. Sorry if that rubbed you the wrong way…

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Crazy man…So thankful to have you here!!!

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Hi Joe!

How are your training videos coming?
I really liked the format you used in this series:

Was really easy to parse the information and go back to specific sections.

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Hi Doug, I appreciate your mention of RapidWeaver Classroom. I’ve not been active for a while, but I am getting back in the groove and have begun producing a lengthy series of tutorials for Foundation 6!


Wow! That is awesome! :tada:


Glad to see you back, years ago when I started using RapidWeaver I started with RapidWeaver Classroom. I can personally recommend it to anyone who wants to learn a lot of detail in a short amount of time.

@ryanbsmith is an excellent professional instructor.

Would love to see you expand your catalog of courses.

Welcome back.


Would be much more awesome to see a documentation on weavers.space
F6 was released over a month ago and still …
… no documentation of the stacks
… no demo site

I don’t want to watch hours of videos in the hope to find useful hints for the stack I’m trying to understand.
Great work, but the missing documentation is really disappointing.

In the past month, we’ve also had Christmas and New Years. I hope that you enjoyed your holidays as well! :grinning:


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