Foundation - Accordion Stack messing up display mode

I am using Foundation - Form Base stack with Accordion and my display seems to be overlaid with something that is hiding parts of my page.

This is in Rapidweaver edit mode:

This is what displays:

i would recommend making a copy of this page – then deleting items from it until the problem problem goes away. that should help you identify the problem. once you’ve found it you decide how to proceed.

obviously, if you’ve added any type of code or script or CSS – that could very easily produce this sort of symptom – so you may want to start your search there.

if not then just start with the last item on the page that you can easily remove. and work your way through the page.

Tx Isaiah

I have added no additional code, script of CSS style sheets. I simply popped the Form Base stack and components as is.

I think your proposal will isolate the culprit stack causing this.

It’s the Accordion widget, causing this.

Not sure yet why as I am simply using it as is and have not changed any of the settings.

I think the next step would be to contact the developer of that Stack – or remove that stack (at least temporarily) while you get your other work done.


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