Weird layout in Rapidweaver Edit mode

I have a Rapidweaver file that appears strangely—in the Edit mode, the stacks all appear flush right, with a large white margin area to the left of the stacks (photo attached). To my knowledge, I haven’t changed any page settings that would create this. Anybody have any ideas why the Edit view would be appearing this way?


Duplicate the page, then in the duplicated page (which will presumably be doing the same thing), delete the stacks from the page from the inside out Eg Starting with tintbox and working outwards until the page render normalises.

Have you added any html to any of those stacks? This kind of thing usually happens when there is an html error somewhere on the page. Thankfully due to the high quality of code prevalent in modern stacks is very rare and more likely to be user induced.

Let us know what it was.


There’s no HTML added to any individual stacks. I did what you suggested–deleting stacks “inside out”–and I did that until there was nothing left on the page. The weird margin issue is still there, as seen in this screen shot.

There is some HTML in the master settings for the site–it’s listed below.

#two, #two p, #two h1, #two h2, #two h3, #two h4, #two h5 { color: #fff !important; }
#two h1 { font-size: 1.80em;text-shadow: 0px 2px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3); }
#header h1 {font-size:3.3em;}
#header h1 strong {color:#FDFFFE;}
#three {background-image: url(“%resource(ChadBigRoomwashcrop.jpg)%”)}
#header h1 span {font-size: 14px !important;}
#header h1 span {font-weight: 600; }
#two .button {color: #DCCBB2;}
#four .button {color: #604E48;}
header nav {font-weight:900; }
#four .wrapper {padding: 5em 0 0 0;}
#header h1 {position: relative;top: 12px}
#footer .icons {margin-top: 20px;}
header nav {font-size: 18px !important;}

Okay. So next I would:-

  1. Copy that CSS out of the project and keep it somewhere safe. But remove it from the project. Recheck.
  2. Restart RW if you haven’t already.
  3. Reboot your Mac, if you haven’t already.
  4. Change themes (just to see if it makes any difference).

Would be good to know which if any of those makes a difference.

Is it just that one page in the project this is happening to? Did you make any edits to any theme files?


It’s fixed. The solution was weirder than the problem. I switched to a few different themes, and the problem was still there. Then when I switched back to my original theme, the problem was gone. ?!

Thanks for your help!

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