Foundation Cover Overlay Not Displaying Correct

I am using a cover overlay for a website I’m designing and am having an issue with it partially displaying again on the website. The graphic is a piece of notebook paper jpeg (1026 x 1146 pixels) and a Foundation - Site Sizing of 1000 pixels max width. Here’s what it looks like after previewing in RapidWeaver and/or previewing the page in Safari. How can I get rid of the second iteration of the notebook paper to the far right?

Turn off repeat for the background.

Thanks Joe. Is that via CSS or is there a Foundation UI button/box or similar that I can uncheck? Looking in the UI and not seeing it.

You should be setting the site background via Site Styles.

I got it. Tiled Image. No Repeat. Thanks!

Or Cover Image… that will stretch it across the entire page.

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