Foundation Form not validating properly... help

Using Joe Workman’s Foundation to build a simple voter system on a website. Users need to be able to enter their name/email address to have their vote verified against a database of eligible voters.

Both field validation and required fields are set to on, but you can still submit the form with both fields blank. In preview it works as it’s supposed to, just not when it’s published…

Anyone got any smart ideas? Dummy of the site is below.

Are you using the Custom Post option to do the compare to the database of “eligible voters”?
I believe you have to do your own validation if you are doing anything other than the default send the form via email, but I’m not 100% positive. Maybe @joeworkman will clarify.

No custom posting options to compare the database.
That’s all being done manually…

Can you show a screen shot of the Foundation form UI in RW edit mode and of those fields as well so we can see how you have it configured. I use feild validation all of the time without issue. Maybe I can spot something.

Me too^

This seems like a known bug with validating fields when a form is inside of a lightbox.

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