Has anyone ever used the submit post option at Joe Workman Foundation Form Stack?

Does it really work?

Has any one a workable example?

Of COURSE it works! Do you think that the thousands of people using Joe’s Foundation forms have been using them without commenting that they don’t submit? Having said that, I usually use Big White Duck’s Button Plus stack rather than Joe’s button but they are virtually identical.
http://www.orpent.com uses Foundation form with Joe’s button
http://tigerofthestripe.co.uk/contact/ uses Foundation form with Button Plus
http://www.moreco.co.uk uses Foundation form with Button Plus

Not sure but I’m guessing hes talking about custom post option. Which I have never used.

No doubts that Foundation works, but the question is about the form custom post option, as mentioned by swilliam. I have never found a way to make it work and never saw/read an example of it working.

Might have helped if you’d said so!

Sorry! I suppose you did, more or less.

I tested, but seems the $_POST[‘FieldName’] is empty. I even tried the GET method, but the url revealed that the field is really empty with no value.