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I have a Foundation Form in a site. It works well, but how can I send a receipt-autoreply e-mail (with a custom e-mail template) to the user who filled the form?

I’m in trouble with options and settings,

Here a little example:

(another question: can I have Calendar and dates in italian language instead of english?)

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I haven’t actually used the forms supplied but I think they work as follows:

You need the add-on pack 1 for more complex forms. However, the basic version DOES allow a receipt. In the settings for ‘Form Base’ look for ‘Email set up’ where you can also create a custom email template.

In essence you have a choice of sending to an email address you know (e.g. your own) OR to an email address filled in by the enquirer. This will obviously be in a Form Field and you need to put that field’s ID in double curly brackets.

So, if the email field is called ‘your-email’ enter {{your-email}} in the Email set up. It’s probably case sensitive so make sure you enter exactly.

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There is a place to add a second recipient as well as a 2nd email (if you want to send something other than what you would receive. Each email setup can have it’s own custom templet.)
You use the field macros in the to address for example: {{name}}, {{email}} - whatever you named the fields.



Thanks a lot,
I understood: the LABEL is the focus of the settings in order to send a E-mail.

Now I’ll try.

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Thanks a lot for your very rich explanation, Scott,

now I’ll try…

NICE! It works!

Thanks a lot @manofdogz and @swilliam.

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Thanks @manofdogz and @swilliam

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