Formloom 4 "Reply-To" issue?

I HAVE filed a support ticket on the YabDab support site, but while I wait for a response, I’m still desperately trying to get my form working.

I seem to have an issue where I can configure my form to send either the receipt to the user, but not the form content to me, or BOTH form content AND receipt emails to ME, but not the receipt to the user AND the form content to me… I cannot get the form content to come through to me with the reply-to set as the visitors email either…

I can only think that there is a bug where the ‘reply-to’ is not being set correctly…

I have tried creating a form with FormSNAP and that can send me the form content which is FROM my domain (to satisfy my ISP smtp requirements) and replying to the Email correctly replies to the visitor’s email address - so the reply-to IS being set properly when using Formsnap - but unfortunately Formsnap doesn’t support sending receipt or response emails to the visitor when submitting a form…

Has anyone else had any trouble with FormLoom 4 - getting a form email with the correct reply-to address, AND sending the visitor their receipt email? It just seems impossible to me…

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FormSnap DOES support receipt:

Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 6.24.49 AM


You’re right! My bad! I’ve been trying that many different things to work out what’s going on, I forgot I was referring to Joe’s Foundation form stacks… That correctly assigns the reply-to in the headers, but doesn’t support receipts…

Going to quickly try Formsnap again and see what that does to the email headers…

Thanks for correcting me! :slight_smile:

You would have to ask @joeworkman about that…may be a swatch.

You can send as many emails as you want. Simply add multiple Email action stacks.

@joeworkman please explain…I have it opened…so how do I tell it to send a receipt?

Have you watched this video?

This particular topic is 22mins in. There is a lot more great tips in the rest of the video though.

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Just did…sorry…have a great day.

No worries. I can understand that some of my videos are long and it’s hard to know where something gets covered.

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