Newest Foundation Theme Version

I just downloaded the newest version and I’m now having issues with the Impact Stack acting wonky. It will render perfectly on the home page, but won’t show up on Preview on other pages. I’ve tried creating new Stacks pages, duplicating the Home page (where it is working) and then moving content from other pages, or not having any content at all and it doesn’t want to work. NO, I don’t have a link to provide as the site is currently being built and I won’t publish until it’s done.

Is anyone else having issues with the newest version?

UPDATE: Here is a LINK to the site, as I’ve just published it.

Have you double checked your Impact stack? I know it was updated in the last couple of days too… I imagine you would’ve seen that update if you got the foundation update but thought I’d ask.

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Working on a site just now with latest Foundation theme and stacks AND latest Impact stack.

No issues whatsoever… Impact is doing its usual job of making Teflon look sticky…


Yes, I’ve updated all stacks and do so whenever I open RW.

I’ve checked other files that are using a similar set up and again, Impact is working on the Home page, but NOT on subsequent pages. It was working perfectly before updating the Foundation Theme.

Yeah that’s strange behavior… Is it the same if you preview in a browser? Or just in the RW preview? (Sorry I’m mostly just throwing stuff at the wall to see if it sticks. I haven’t seen that before so I’m probably not much help)

I’ve decided to publish the site, even though it’s not even close to being done. If you look at the Home page, the Impact stack works perfectly. Then, if you click on the Politics page, you will see content, but the Impact stack doesn’t render and the Top Bar doesn’t work properly.

I’ve been working on trying to figure out what’s wrong all day and my frustration level is through the roof. :frowning:

Any help is very much appreciated.

Site Link


I have a similar problem with Yabdab’s Filter stack.

I updated Foundation and now Filter doesn’t render in Preview mode properly. It’s not on all pages though.
I have 5 pages using Filter and two are fine, the other three are ‘unorganised’. Everything looks fine in Edit, the problem is only in Preview. I’m fairly sure the problem coincided with the Foundation update and , yes, I have updated the theme as well as the stacks.

You have an Error on that page which may be the cause of the problem but I am not familiar enough with the error to help with that. Generally, though, if you have an error you need to fix it. In Safari, ALT CMD i, will call up the inspector and you will see a red error.

I can see you have Impact on that page so something is upsetting it, or covering it so you can’t see it, or whatever. The new Foundation update is fine with no problems being reported so something else is very likely going on here.

In these situations, which are just normal part of web development, a good approach is to start removing things, stack by stack and previewing to see if the problem is cured. Go though the page removing everything until you just have the Impact stack and you should find what is causing the problem. Take care not to save your file during the process.
This process should isolate the issue.

Also I think if you ask the same questions over at Joe’s Weaver’s Space, you will grab the attention of the Foundation Brains Trust where there is a great deal of technical chatter going on.

@DMillington Hi Devin, The error is coming from the Legacy TopBar on your page. If you swap this out for the current version from your stacks library it should sort everything out.

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Thank you for the response. I will give it a shot and let you know if that resolves the issue.

Thank you Tav, I just followed your suggestion and it did the trick! Thanks again. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.