Foundation manual overview

Were can i find a quick overview of the functions provided by the foundation theme. I mean an manual that descripes every function from foundation to lookup what is a Block-Grid, or Structure, what is a panel and when to use ect. ect…

Unfortunatly there is no written manual for foundation.
You will have to take a look at the videos.

I would also suggest joining Joe’s Weaver’s Space if you have not, TONS of informative people about Foundation on that site and answers to most questions come within hours.

I know the startingpoint, that’s not what i want. There must be a description of all the functions that are available were you can choose from. How will i know what all these functions in the right side do mean. i’m understanding the 1/2/3/4/5/6/7-12 column functions, but what is a block-grid, panel, visibility, breadcrumb and the rest of them. Normally there’s a discription that tells you wich function to use in what place.

You find all the descriptions in Joe’s videos.
But as i said: unfortunatly NO description, manual or something else written.
For me too, it is annoying to search the videos, when i want to sum up a function in foundation.

Take a look at the doc from Joe Workmans doc portal @SteveB posted.

It has detailed documentation.

Also check out the videos.

I’m sure you’ve looked at it but the demo site has all of the stacks as a functioning/working example (probably not exactly what you’re looking for, I’d imagine ).

Again, I imagine you’ve seen this but just in case: