What aspects of RapidWeaver would you want us to clarify in the manual?

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Over the next few months we’re going to be refreshing the RapidWeaver documentation. We’re already aware of existing feedback about the way the existing manual is presented and available (this is one area we’re going to be addressing with this refresh, alongside a thorough content update). Today we’d like to hear what less-well-known tricks, and tips you’d want us to share in the new documentation. As we write the new documentation, we’ll be building a glossary of common terms (and cross-referencing), so if there’s also any terms that you think we should include that are less obvious, let me know!



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This is probably the wrong section, so please move if this is so, thanks.

I recently watched a video by Joe Workman, that tried to explain Editing?Modifying CSS

In the Video he was Using a SandBox to publish the test site to and he was also Saving/Loading the RW file to/from DropBox.

Perhaps this method of testing Web Sites could be explained in the Manual and/or in this forum ?


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@nikf – I understand it is not the most immediate need, but I would be very pleased to see a chapter dedicated to step-by-step setup of MAMP in order to preview RW site that is not published on Internet, or in order to have a portable version of the site to be viewed on a computer without the need for Internet connection.

I have tried to use MAMP, according to different instructions from different sources and I never succeeded in getting full satisfaction. There was always something that did not work as expected. For example, in my latest project viewed in MAMP some background images show up and some don’t (there’s more quirks like that).

Don’t neglect the new users. Basic definitions of the RW building blocks with examples. What is a stack vs. block and when to use one vs. the other in combination with other components. Foundation vs. themes.
Also, the second biggest weakness I see - beyond this thread - is the various talented developers inability to clearly tell me what a particular stack does and not finding demos that are really demos and not just advertisements. OK!


Judging, in part, by the threads here, how about an Appendix dedicated to third-party resources… Themes, Addons, Stacks, Plugins and so on?

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@Rovertek I found this Weavercast video (with Joe Workman) did a very good job explaining how to setup and use MAMP. Give it a try.

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@Psalm66_Don’t forget http://rapidweavercentral.info/reviews/ where you’ll find reviews of stacks and themes.

Interest declared: I contribute to this site.


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@LaPan – Thanks, I already viewed that one, but I appreciate it nevertheless…

We’ve got a thorough glossary included :slight_smile: