RW 7 Foundation and the Free Theme

Ok so I have spent some time at RW classroom, watching Joes Foundation videos, etc. Yesterday I did the upgrade to version 7 along with purchasing the Foundation Bundle. I also downloaded and installed Joe’s free Foundation theme. The question is this. I had a previous website project that was made in version 6.3.8 of RW. It was converted to a version 7 project file. My assumption was that Joes theme when selected would let me preview the theme as it appears on his example website. I changed the theme from Tesla to Foundation in the themes drawer. However in edit mode I see nothing but a white screen in preview mode. So what gives is it necessary to create a new project just to be able and preview the Foundation them as it was originally created?

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One of the main benefits to Foundation (and one of the main drawbacks when you’re brand new to Foundation) is that it is literally a blank slate.

You do need to add a Site Styles stack in order for Foundation to know how to render/format all your content. That should allow you to see your content but some of the other features in Tesla (the menu, for example) would need to be recreated.

Fair warning that Foundation can have a bit of a learning curve. It’s worth the investment, in my opinion, and it’ll make sense eventually, so try not to get too frustrated in the early going. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks Jason! I have some items from White Duck too. Where would I add the one that gives a loading indicator for the page? Just create one outer stack to encompass everything and then add the stack for the spinner into this container?

In the settings for the Site Styles stack, there is a “Preloader” setting where you can select the type of animation. (Sorry, not at my rapidweaver computer to show you an image).

Thank you again Jason for your replies!

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