Foundation Orbit Slider Stack (et al) vs. SEO-RX

I know that there has been some discussion of these issues on this forum before, but I am wondering what the latest analysis/consensus might be.

I have used the Foundation Orbit Slider extensively on my website. To the best of my knowledge, Orbit Slider allows you to input alt tags, but not image file names. SEO-RX then proceeds to ding you big time for the missing file names.

Is there some workaround?

Or do you just ignore it, and proceed merrily on your way?

Hi Butternut

I’m keen to understand this too

Why do stacks replace image names we have so carefully crafted (be they in sliders or otherwise) with SEO unfriendly generic ‘1984’ names ?

How do we get around it ?

I’ve been trying with various sliders and they all do much the same thing … why ?

Looking forward to understanding this better !


You can around it by using warehoused images which retain their names. That is one of the many reasons why warehoused images are so important.

Thank you Gary - wish I’d understood this earlier : )

Perhaps using stacks (whilst admittedly adding functionality) is adding a layer of unnecessary abstraction to my site - that is working against me in Google’s eyes !?

So - warehousing - what do you recommend - flickr, google … or just a folder on my server … but isn’t that what the Resources folder is ?


Use the Foundation Image stack for your images, set to use warehouse images FTP’d to your server and then place the Image stack into Orbit.