SEO-Rx raises issues with themes and stacks

As another user has commented, SEO-Rx raises issues that can only be dealt with by the theme or stack developer.

So on the home page of this draft site, I am using the Hovermate Stack in which I am not able to add an alt or title text to the images. Can anyone suggest a stack which does something similar to this one in which I can add the relevant text. I notice that someone has suggested warehousing images and using the Joe Workman Warehouse Stack. Could I combine this with the Hovermate Stack?

Also there doesn’t seem to be a way of adding alt and title text to the header image, although I can obviously change the file name. Is there a way of doing this?

At the moment the image and js issues on this page are giving me a very low score from SEO-Rx

Hi Jan,

There is a free warehoused image stack available here:
It supports alt text too. Whether it would work with Hovermate I cannot say for sure.

Hi @JanSteele

Please be sure you’re using version 1.0.5 of SEO Rx. Version 1.0.5 has a new and improved scoring system which should be more accurate and fair. In general, scores will typically go up with this upgrade for this reason.

Yes I took a hardline approach to these issues because I wanted to be accurate with the analysis even if the end user can’t fully fix them. :slightly_smiling:


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Kryten. Thanks for the tip - I’ve downloaded it.

Greg - Yes I’m using 1.0.5. I only bought the stack a couple of days ago.

Can I clarify what is meant by Warehousing. Is it that I put all my photos into a separate folder on my server and then give a url to that folder?

The new version is very good, it’s really useful to see what a difference some changes can make to the overall seo . I don’t think it mattered if everything can’t be changed , if u do all it says then it probably puts you way ahead of a lot of others anyway.

Thanks! I’m glad you’re liking it. Yes, it’s really easy to improve some of your SEO. This is a credit to the base tools that we use, Stacks and RW.

I just bought the stack today and I’m trying to improve my score. I keep getting this message… “Image filename (stacks-image-DED50BE.jpg) should avoid camera defaults such as Image001, DSC_001, etc.”

I double clicked the image, added a file name and alt tag in the page inspector, and I’m still getting the above message, which results in a -5. Can someone please help?



This is a known bug in Stacks 3 which has been fixed in the current beta. You can grab that or just wait a bit for the final version to drop.


Thanks Mark! I’m assuming it’s available on YourHead?

UPDATE: I just went to YourHead and couldn’t find the beta upgrade. Do you have a link?

Here you go!



Installed the beta and still have the image filename problem. :frowning:

Thank you!! I will see if the Beta version resolves the issue, although I see someone is still having the problem. Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

@jochenabitz You may have to restart RW. If the problem persists, you may have to contact YourHead support. I know he’s been on top of this bug and taking it very seriously. I’m sure he’d be very interested in diagnosing it for you.

i generally don’t chat about beta releases on the forum. beta software has lots of temporary issues. and forum posts last a long time. people who find these posts later on can get sent off in unhelpful directions. i do chat with them in the normal place that i can’t link to from here. but if you follow me on twitter or read my blog you’re sure to see post about it.


i just wanted to mention what we’ve done with image names in these latest beta releases. hopefully the info that i post here will be timeless and not specific to any temporary beta release:

  1. we fixed a bug concerning image file names. Image stacks (the built-in kind) that have filename setting – in some cases those file names were not being honored. Now they are in all cases.

  2. some 3rd party stacks will also see improved naming. in some cases 3rd party stacks use the dropped in image but then create other images based on it (usually to limit the size, or create a thumbnail, or a preview). in cases where the source image is from an Image stack and the user has provided a name for that Image stack and other images created from this image will inherit the name (but in a way that ensures each is unique).

Note: there are still other types of images, like those dropped into the sidebar. in those cases the 3rd party stack developer has complete control over naming (and alt tags and dimensions, etc.) – in those other cases we have no control of image names and thus the recent changes (or any changes i make) will not change names. in those cases you’ll probably won’t to encourage the specific developer to support user-specified names.

if you do have any other bug reports about the beta i’d be happy to chat about them on our chat channel, filed to our github bug-tracker and of course sent in to our support email. but i’d ask you not to post too many details about the beta on the forum for the reasons i mentioned above.


Do you need to install the SEO-Rx stack on every page of your project? I am still on RW6 and do not see immediately urgency to upgrade to RW7 ($59).

yes you have to add it to every page. you can hide it and have it Hide Report so you don’t see anything in Preview or Edit Mode.

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