SEO RX and Foundation Not Playing Well Together

Hello Folks,

I’m getting the same error message in SEO RX that others have documented, despite following the protocol detailed by SEO RX for properly naming image files and alt tags. My site is being built using the Foundation theme.

I’m using what I believe are the latest versions of all the programs: SEO RX, 1.0.5, Foundation 1.7.1, Stacks 3.0.5, and Rapidweaver 6.3.8.

How can I resolve this issue? I cannot use SEO RX if it doesn’t accurate reflect the efforts I’m making to improve SEO on my site.

This has nothing to do with Foundation. Contact @barchard for help

Hi @VChile123 have you identified the image identified by SEO Rx? If you mouse over the link in the description, it will give a preview of the image. This should help you identify the image to adjust.


I’ve used SEO RX with the Foundation theme. I struggled for a bit until I realized that I had to double click the image and insert the alt tag in the image editing/publishing screen. Is that where you’re putting the tag?

Good call @chet - I moved the images to the Image stack that comes stock with Rapidweaver, as opposed to the Foundation Image stack. SEO RX then correctly scores the SEO.

I guess the fact that SEO RX doesn’t work accurately with Images using the Foundation Image stack is something for @barchard to fundamentally fix. I’ll probably just keep using the Foundation Image stack and take the scoring as it relates to images with a grain of salt until its fixed. Not ideal.

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@VChile123 This isn’t something with SEO-Rx. SEO-Rx looks at Images and their Alt Tags. Whatever method you’re using to add images has to allow you to also add an Alt Tag to the image. In this case, this is something that would have to be added to the Foundation Image Stack.

In general Alt Tags are important to SEO. Therefore, SEO-Rx’s scoring factors related to images would be accurate.


The Foundation Image stack has the option to add ALT image tags, which I did. Referring back to my original post, and the corresponding screenshot, SEO RX reported an inappropriate image file name (which wasn’t true - I had named the image file correctly). Now both @joeworkman and @barchard say it’s not their issue, so I guess I have to find an alternative solution.

There is nothing that you can do about this. You do not have control over the image file name. This is a very very minor issue and will not really affect SEO of your website as long as you properly set ALT tags. Just because SEO RX is informing you of a potential issue, does it mean the end of the world. Continue using Foundation image because it provide amazing functionality. If you can disable/ignore this alert in SEO Rx, I recommend that you do that.

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Sorry for the confusion, we are discussing two different things here. One is Alt tags and one is file names. The Alt Tags are important. This was highlighted by @chet screenshot. The error reported is related to the image file name. The file name is something that is generated, I am guessing, by the stack you are using.

In order of importance, alt tags are more important than file names but they are both signals used to identify image contents.


Here are a couple of articles the emphasis both file names and alt tags:

What I will look at for 1.1 is decreasing the impact/points of the file name if an alt tag is provided.


Thanks @joeworkman and @barchard for the info. As a general practice I’ll be sure to name both files and ALT tags properly on each page. And I appreciate the forthcoming fix in SEO Rx 1.1.

My only continuing concern is whether the Stacks/Foundation process does alter the image file names when they are published, thereby affecting SEO. If this is the case, I realize it’s not the end of the world…but I do want to call attention to it as an item to fix in a future Stacks and/or Foundation update.

This is kinda the fundamental challenge with Rapidweaver - it’s pieces on top of pieces, which makes it less clear who I should be asking specifically for the fix. But I do appreciate everyone’s efforts.

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