Foundation project won't save

Hmm. I duplicated a project earlier today in order to try some new ideas. Have spent quite a bit of time on it and it refuses to save. Simple project with no resources. no indication what the issue is - just says "the document “xyz” could not be saved. If I try to Save-as its the same problem.

Any ideas? All is fully up to date including OS, RW and Stacks Plug in and individual stacks.

Worth opening a new project and then dragging a page rom the project that won’t save into the new empty one. Then save it. If that works, add another page etc.

Or if it’s a single page, copy things stack by stack?


Cheers Rob - I shall give that a go. Seem to remember this happening a long time back and can’t remember what the solution was. It published OK so at least the prototype is live for my clients in the morning!

Hope it works out. And then some more rubbish…

Sorted but not quite!! Just a bit more rubbish!

Following on from my earlier post about 2 menus in a foundation top bar, I decided to try and highlight the 2 Nav items that I want to make stand out. So I added a < strong > tag to the text and stuck spinning FA icons either side - blinged them up in truth. Seems the menu items don’t like too much code stuck in there. Works fine but the project won’t save unless I change the Nav items to something more simple. here’s a line of code I added - perhaps any real coders out there can tell me what I’ve done wrong? (Plenty I’m sure :smile: