Foundation project won't save

(LJ) #1

Hmm. I duplicated a project earlier today in order to try some new ideas. Have spent quite a bit of time on it and it refuses to save. Simple project with no resources. no indication what the issue is - just says "the document “xyz” could not be saved. If I try to Save-as its the same problem.

Any ideas? All is fully up to date including OS, RW and Stacks Plug in and individual stacks.

(Rob Beattie) #2

Worth opening a new project and then dragging a page rom the project that won’t save into the new empty one. Then save it. If that works, add another page etc.

Or if it’s a single page, copy things stack by stack?


(LJ) #3

Cheers Rob - I shall give that a go. Seem to remember this happening a long time back and can’t remember what the solution was. It published OK so at least the prototype is live for my clients in the morning!

(Rob Beattie) #4

Hope it works out. And then some more rubbish…

(LJ) #5

Sorted but not quite!! Just a bit more rubbish!

Following on from my earlier post about 2 menus in a foundation top bar, I decided to try and highlight the 2 Nav items that I want to make stand out. So I added a < strong > tag to the text and stuck spinning FA icons either side - blinged them up in truth. Seems the menu items don’t like too much code stuck in there. Works fine but the project won’t save unless I change the Nav items to something more simple. here’s a line of code I added - perhaps any real coders out there can tell me what I’ve done wrong? (Plenty I’m sure :smile: