Foundation Questions

Just wondering where Realmac/Rapidweaver and its fine group of add on developers is heading with Foundation - the generic web design tool as distinct from the ubiquitous Joe Workman’s Foundation theme and its associated stacks.

My concerns about jumping on the JW Foundation bandwagon are based on -

  1. not wanting to tie myself to one add-on developer,
  2. not wanting to throw away my investment in stacks and themes and
  3. not wanting to lose the excellent products and considerable generous advice and support of developers such as, for example, Will Woodgate and Jonathon from Nimblehost

I don’t know enough about web things to ask the right questions, but I would like to know whether the generic Foundation is going to be the future for RW and its add-on developers, and therefore is it just a matter of time before RW themes become generically Foundation and stacks and other add-ons can be used on those themes, including JW’s Foundation theme?


I believe that most stacks will already work with foundation

You are not, you can use almost any other stack out there. Any issues we have found we have worked with the developer to fix.

Just because you buy Foundation does not mean you have to use it for every project. You might find a client have a special need or look that a non-foundation look would not work.

Will and Jonathan have worked closely with Joe many times since Foundation and I am sure they will continue. As well as other developers. Joe is always looking for ways to integrate with other developers.

I would not say Foundation is the future, there are many options out there and you just need to find the right tool for the job.

Hope that helps!

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Yes zeebe, very helpful indeed.

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