Foundation >>> Site Styles >> Legacy?

I am eventually trying to get to grips with JW’s Foundation Theme, having watched the 3 videos, on how to get started with it.

My first hurdle is, having started my first stacks page with the Site Styles stack, please WHY does it have the word (legacy) in the stacks title ??


Are both theme and stacks up-to-date?

Hi @jabostick yeah, according to Waterfall i have v 1.7.0 of Foundation and according to RW i have the latest stacks v 1.7.6

According to the link above it perhaps doesnt make any difference having that word Legacy in the stack heading, BUT what does it MEAN ???


are you opening the demo project file? If so, the legacy stacks are from pre 1.5 foundation stacks. You can replace the site styles stack with a new site styles stack.

@zeebe I am starting from scratch !
Hang on though, i just deleted it, and found another Site Styles stack v 1.7.6, the first one i found was in a template ? and had a tag, “foundation - global”
I am now back on track, thanks, very strange.
but what does the word legacy mean ?


Follow the detailed instructions inside the 3 Part Getting Started video series. That video implements the latest and greatest.

When I launched Foundation v1.5, I wanted to change how Site Styles worked so that it used the new great things that came with Stacks 3. Then only way to do that without breaking all existing sites was to deprecate the old version and rename it “Site Styles (Legacy)” By deprecating the stack, all existing instance of the stack would continue to work indefinitely. However, it also means that it was not getting any of the new features. In order to get the new features, users would have to add a new instance to the page and re-configure it.

I hope that this helps.

Thanks @joeworkman that explains it all .