Foundation "legacy" stacks?

Is there any disadvantage to continue to use “legacy” stacks in Foundation when opening projects built with stacks2 in stacks3?

No, not any disadvantage. Just keep using them as long as you like. Everything will work as it did before.

If you change to the new stacks you gain access to the new features. I ended up switching all the stacks simply to maintain a consistent interface and range of options. Depending on the size of your site that could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours but there is no reason why you cannot continue with the legacy stacks. If you don’t need to change a site I would just leave it as it is.

@ashleykaryl @RapidBase Thanks for your help guys. I guess that’s what i was trying to ask - are there new features in the updated Foundation stacks themselves? Since it’s a very simple site i’ve just recently started as a project to get familiar with Foundation i think i will go ahead and replace the legacy stacks with the updated stack,s so then i’ll have a better idea of how the updated stacks work, as that is what i’d be using in any future project with Foundation.