Stacks 3 Foundation v1.5+

Help, I just updated to the latest version of Foundation, made a minor tweak to my site and published and the whole thing has gone screwy see: Reading Joe Workman’s documentation it says I need Stacks 3 but I can’t find it on the Your Head site. Please help. I have clients looking at my site.

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Hi Zeebe,

I’m afraid I am panicking because I have clients looking at the site. I don’t know how to erase this thread. Can you help me?


How did you get Foundation 1.5, only people with the Stacks 3 beta should get those updates.

I downloaded it from a link from Joe Workman’s site because Rapidweaver said I needed the latest version.

OK, so you probably do not have the stacks, just the theme. On the theme page

there is a link for Stacks 2 users, which is what you are, get the theme from there. See this screenshot

in the blue box, there is a link for Stacks 2 users, click that link. Then be sure you have the latest stacks which are 1.4.5. If you need help getting the latest version of the stacks, read our Updating your stacks FAQ.
Let me know if this helps.

That is what I just downloaded but I’ll try again.

Hi Zeebe, I have downloaded the file and it is all fine again now (the date shows it was the same version I already had so I am not sure why I got prompted to downloaded a different version).

Thank you so much for your help. I am sorry I posted in the wrong place. Is there anything you need me to do this end to remove this thread?

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No, I thought by the title that you were a beta tester of Stacks 3, and they should know that is a no no. That is why I removed my post, as you were not a beta tester. Glad it is working!!

OK, thank you for all your help.

Really wish I’d seen your post a few days ago. Same thing happened to me and drove me nuts (darn you Joe Workman!) — trying to finalize a website design and had that prompt to update. Workman’s crew didn’t know what was going on even nor did the RW support team. And now in RW preview it still says I need to upgrade my stacks to the current version — which I imagine is TBA — but at least the CSS is back to normal. What a pain.

@Diablo204 Since I do support for Joe, I do not remember your ticket, but anyone who has written into support with this issue I have said the same thing as I have said here.

If you are still having mismatch issue, you really should be sure you have the 1.4.5 stacks and the 1.4.4 theme, as if you have these set right, you will not see this error.

Hi Zeebe, was able to iron everything out, appreciate the added insight as well. Only suggestion for Joe from a UX perspective is that it might be helpful to swap positions of the two theme downloads on his foundation site – e.g. the functional standard theme download is highlighted on top and the Stacks 3 beta theme download is mentioned beneath it for those who are beta testing. Thanks for the help.

@zeebe I have updated all stacks in Rapidweaver 6.3.1 but I still receive the error message 'Foundation version mismatch! The version of the theme and stacks do not match. Please make sure that you have updated to the latest version of the stacks. You can download the latest theme from ×’

I have downloaded that theme 3 times. And I still get the error message. There is nothing else in RW to update. All stacks are updated. I have all 3 packs of stacks with the theme as well.

I can’t update my client’s website till this is working. I sent an email yesterday to support but haven’t received any reply. Thank you.

Hi @KarenC, I have a feeling you have the wrong theme version. If you go to the Foundation Theme page, you will notice the button that allows you to download the theme says 1.5.2, this theme will not work with the 1.4.5 stacks that you probably have installed. Under the button is a blue boxed area:

Click on the download it here link and install that version of the theme and the error will disappear.

Now, you could keep the theme and join the Stacks 3 Public Beta, which once installed, you will get the update to the Foundation stacks to 1.5.9 when you check for updates. Once those are installed, you will not get the error.

So you have a choice, update to Stacks 3 now (in beta) or wait for it to be released (time is unknown at this time, but close) and get the Stacks 2 theme.

Let me know how it goes.

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@zeebe Thank you so much - I’m confused as to why that message link I quoted above comes up on the RW page because it downloads the theme immediately (ie does not give you any options or page nor the link that you gave me). Perhaps that needs fixing? I have got it working now. Thank you .

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Glad to hear it is working. The link you gave goes directly to the download area, the one I give just goes to the theme page itself. No worries, as long as you are back up and running, that is the good news. Sorry for the confusion!

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