Foundation Stacks out of date

I read somewhere that this problem was solved, but even though I installed 5 days ago (so everything should be new) I am getting the dreaded ‘please upgrade to version 5’

It claims that I have to files out of sync, but my FTP client shows this is not the case (it claims index.php and index.html are there. They are not)

Using the Addons manager in RapidWeaver 6 (command-7), do a search for Foundation and the theme will show. It should be version 1.6.2.

Then do a search for Pack you should should Addon Pack 1, Addon Pack 2 and Starter Pack. They should be at version 1.6.5.

If they are not, you will have to update them. Get the Theme here

And read this FAQ about updating stacks.

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And the stacks …

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I deleted the page and recreated it. Problem is gone.

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